If you are new to this practice, it’d be wise to stay with the first practice (1) until you’re comfortable with it. This is especially true if you’re feeling challenged by the pandemic. The Metta (Loving Kindness) practice (8) will also help at this time.

This pandemic won’t last for ever.

  1. Hearing.The body.(12.8.2017 BMIMC)
  2. The anchor.( 19.5.2019 BMIMC)
  3. Watching emotion.(13.8.2017 BMIMC)
  4. R.A.I.N. (14.8.2017 BMIMC)
  5. Settling into the practice. (15.8.2017 BMIMC)
  6. Working with the senses. (16.8.2017 BMIMC)
  7. Balancing effort. (18.8.2017 BMIMC)
  8. Metta. (7.10.2016 DCH)