Our most recent support has enabled the first sewing program to begin, funded some scholarship places for girls, paid two teachers’ salaries and bought bicycles to allow some girls to travel to nearby schools to further their education beyond the level currently available at the school.

The number of female students offered financial support to attend the school has increased. Families are means-tested to determine their eligibility. The photos show a number of female students but the gender imbalance is also clear.


Now (on the left) they are filing past where I am standing with the school founder and principal, Moti Lal. They greet him respectfully with hands folded.

The photo at the right shows the children lined up in the early morning assembly. The uniforms were offered by another supporter of the school.

show respect

On the right the sewing teacher, Lakshmi, and Moti Lal (just his arm) are holding up the first products of the sewing program. The girls have learnt a number of skills making small clothes which are displayed on a line held by Lakshmi and Moti Lal.

The Women for Women Committee (established and enabled by our support) has undertaken a new venture. Here is an extract from an email from Moti Lal:

This year we added a new thing in our project. We provided bicycles to the five girls who wanted to study secondary level in another school which is faraway from their home. Though [at first] their parents were not allowing them to send school for further study . . . we convinced them and assured that they will be a good examples for your family and relatives as well whole society. At last they agreed to send them school but need support for bicycles and stationeries.

And here are the bikes proudly sporting the name of the Committee and their riders who will become some of the first girls in the village to achieve this level of education. In their turn they will help raise the living conditions for everyone in their village.