One day retreats

Notification of one day retreats is by email to everyone on the CIMG email list. If you are not already on the list and would like to come to the retreat, email and ask to go on the list. Please note that you must have attended Sunday evening practice for at least one month and be attending the Sunday night sit regularly to be eligible for the list. There is no guided practice (apart from Metta) on this retreat.

These retreats are held in the two-storey building to the left of the shrine room in the upstairs meditation room at the Sakyamuni Buddhist Temple, 32 Archibald St, Lyneham.

The retreats commence at 10am and at 6.30 pm move to the main shrine room (where the regular Sunday meditation is held).

If you are attending one of these retreats you are advised to bring:

  • meditation stool/cushion (chairs are available in the room)
  • blanket/mat
  • watch/clock
  • your own lunch (eg sandwich or something that is easy to prepare and clean up afterwards)
  • a light vegetarian snack (eg fruit) and tea bags for supper/cup of tea in the early evening

If you wish to register for one of these retreats

1) send an email to:

2) if you have not previously completed the meditator’s questionnaire, please print it out and hand the completed form to Lesley, preferably before the practice day.

3) offer ‎dana to the Temple. The suggested amount is $30 but please feel free to increase or decrease the amount in accord with your own financial situation and wishes. Please pay this on the day by cash or cheque made out to ‘Sakyamuni Buddhist Centre’.

Note that a few scholarship places are available to meditators who are unable to meet the cost of the donation to the temple.

4) there will also be an opportunity during the evening tea break to offer ‎dana for the guidance – this is entirely voluntary and anonymous.

5) please note that the timetable includes a group interview or talk at 4.30 pm. Individual interviews are available on request – talk to Lesley on the day if you would like one.

6) click here for the retreat timetable.

7) modest clothing is the norm in traditional temples. If you are more comfortable in Australian styles of clothing (shorts, short skirts, low cut tops) please consider bringing a shawl.

8) the retreat is conducted in noble silence.