Canberra Insight Meditation Group

Welcome to the Canberra Insight Meditation Group

We are a group of meditators practising a Buddhist form of meditation in the style of Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma. This is a type of insight or vipassana meditation based on the Satipatthana Sutta (the four foundations of mindfulness). More about our form of practice can be found here.

CIMG’s foundation is the weekly practice group.

We meet in person on Sunday evenings at the Sakyamuni Buddhist Centre in Lyneham. Our practice sessions are self-led without a teacher. Group members share the running of the sessions and coordinate other activities. 

We also hold one day retreats once a month and social activities from time to time. These activities are open to anyone who has come to the group for at least one month.

New meditators

New meditators are welcome to join us on Sunday evenings for our weekly sitting group. Click here to find out how to get started and what to expect. If you are new to meditation, or to the method that we practise, please email us.

COVID safety

Please stay at home if at all unwell, even with the mildest symptoms.

Masks may be worn, but this is not mandatory.

Group founder

CIMG was founded by Lesley Lebkowicz in 2008 who offered teaching and support for meditators until early 2021. She practised with Western teachers and Burmese meditation masters in the Mahasi lineage of insight meditation in Burma, Nepal, the United States and Australia. Her main teachers were Michele McDonald, Sayadaw U Pandita, John Hale and Sayadaw U Vivekananda.

Lesley’s guided meditations and Dhamma talks can be found on our audio page, and her translations and Buddhist writings can be found here. Lesley continues to lead retreats at the Blue Mountains and the South Coast.

John McIntyre supported CIMG and led the Dhamma Discussion Group from 2015 to the end of 2019. 

Incline the mind to mindfulness;

Incline the mind to kindness;

That’s all.


Weekly Meditation
Each Sunday 6 pm
Sakyamuni Buddhist Centre
32 Archibald Street Lyneham

One day retreats
28 May 2023

30 July 2023

27 Aug 2023

24 Sept 2023

29 Oct 2023

26 Nov 2023 (venue TBC)

Two day retreat

24 & 25 June


with Patrick Kearney

click here for info

May all beings be safe, happy and well