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Weekly meditation is held in the shrine room at the Sakyamuni Buddhist Centre, 32 Archibald Street, Lyneham. For directions to the Centre see the following Google map. For instructions on how to find the shrine room at the Centre scroll down to the images below the map.

Once you arrive at Archibald Street, you will recognise the Buddhist Centre by the ceremonial gate at the T junction of Archibald Street and Mackennal Street.

A few metres downhill on Archibald Street is a smaller gate by which you enter the monastery. Drive in here.

Further along the driveway you will see a large statue of Kwan Yin on your left.

Keep driving until you reach the back of the property where you can park your car.

Then walk back to Kwan Yin and head towards the buildings. You will see a covered walkway.

Once you are under the walkway turn to your right towards the one – storey building.

Enter through the double glass doors. We are through the wooden doors immediately ahead of you.

This is where we meet.